From a little girl sitting in her room smelling of the pleasant smell of acetone, Classy Nails and  nail files to styling her friends' hair before school dances.

Andrea's love for hair was cultivated by her personal experience in all things beauty. She's able to reflect back to a many of  salon for hours spent playing "musical chairs" as her hairstylist would shuffle through an assembly line of clients. Those hours gave her time to hoan in the actual craft. So much to the point where she would be home practicing styles on her hair. this is where her journey began.

In 2011, she attended VICI Capilli, and immediately after graduation, she was in a salon.

ANdrea is an multifaceted hairstylist that is constantly striving to learn new techniques. WHile doing hair is a passion, she also finds that educating her clients is very important in creating life long relationships with them.

Her goal in this forever changing industry is remain constant by embodying a go to expert for healthy hair care.